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Meet Cynthia Ainsworthe!

Posted by [email protected] on July 11, 2015 at 7:40 AM

I'd like to welcome Cynthia B Ainsworthe today! I'm also celebrating CHRISTMAS in JULY, so be sure to grab my FREE and 99¢/99£ books HERE!

Cynthia has been kind enough to answer some questions AND is offering an ebook giveaway to three lucky commenters!!!

Cynthia's interview:

1) Tell us about your most embarrassing moment. (Book related or not)


When I was 19, and dinning in a very exclusive restaurant at a formal event in a hotel restaurant, my false eyelash fell into my soup. My date thought there was an insect of some sort floating in the broth.


2) How would you spend your “perfect day”?


My perfect day would start out with my husband’s kisses, snuggles from my poodles, and a visit with my daughter.


3) Be honest, do people you know ever make it into your books?


Traits of people I know will make up my fictional characters. No one character is an exact replica of any of my family members or friends.


4) Aside from writing, what are your hobbies?


I enjoy cooking French and Italian food. French culture is a favorite.


5) What are your bad habits?


I tend to procrastinate. I mull over a plot for quite a while before I put pen to paper, so to speak.


6) Lightning round:

a. Paper back or ebook? Paperback.

b. Socks or bare feet? Bare feet.

c. Tea or coffee? Coffee.

d. Dogs or cats? Poodles.

e. Beach or mountains? Beach.

f. Butter or margarine? Butter.

g. Cash or credit? Cash.

h. Gum or mint? Mint.

i. Summer or winter? Winter.

Info about Cynthia and excerpts from her work:



Cynthia has longed to be a writer. Life’s circumstances put her dream on hold for most of her life. In 2006, she ventured to write her first novel, Front Row Center, which won the prestigious IPPY Award (Independent Publisher), as well as garnering numerous 5-star reviews, one from known Midwest Book Review, is the first book in the Forbidden Series, and a script is in development by her and notable Hollywood screenwriter, producer, and director, Scott C. Brown. Ms. Ainsworthe has been a guest on several talk radio shows. As a retired cardiac RN turned author, she enjoys her retirement in Florida, caring for her husband and their five poodle- children. Cynthia is currently writing Forbidden Footsteps , book three in the Forbidden Series.


Author Awards


2008 Prestigious IPPY Award in romance, Front Row Center

2013 Reader’s Favorite International Award in fiction anthology, The Speed of Dark, for two contributing stories:

When Midnight Comes and Characters.

2013 Excellence in Writing Award, It Matters Radio, for short story It Ain’t Fittin




Amazon Author Page:

Official Website:

Facebook Fan Page:

Facebook Profile:



Front Row Center Book Trailer:

Front Row Center’s Passion in the Kitchen Book Trailer:

Remember? Book Trailer:



“Front Row Center” back copy:

Their attraction is electric, their affair explosive, and their love—devastating to the lives of others!

5 Stars! “Original and Riveting! …Cynthia B. Ainsworthe's "Front Row Center" is a superbly crafted novel… recommended for readings …sophisticated, complex, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and thoroughly entertaining —Midwest Book Review.

5 Stars! “…difficult to put down until the last page. Tension and suspense build with every chapter, culminating in a fantastic conclusion.” —Joseph Bedrin

It all starts at a concert. Taylor Allen, a happily married business woman, finds herself attracted to singing idol, Larry Davis, a world-renowned singer and bachelor, who feels his only love is his music. Larry is drawn to Taylor at one of his concerts. She sits in the front row, center seat, when their eyes meet. They both feel electricity between them. Is this the beginning of love?


“Front Row Center’s Passion in the Kitchen” back copy:

Discover the passion for not only cooking, but for enriching the joie de vivre! Recipes that create delicious entertaining and romantic conclusions. Whether cooking for two or more, these easy dishes will enhance any occasion and can turn an ordinary eating experience into a memorable event.

Intermingled between luscious photos of recipes, are gorgeous photos of men to spice the cook’s creative energy. A romantic story thread begins after the first recipe and concludes after the last menu suggestion of cheese and wine.

Front Row Center’s Passion in the Kitchen is a unique addition to any cooks collection and is the go-to book when desiring originality with a flare.

Winner of multiple literary awards, Cynthia B. Ainsworthe delivers more than tasty recipes.


“Remember?” back copy:


They endured hell to be together. Now Larry must suffer again to find his lost love.

World famous singer, Larry Davis, frantically searches for his wife, Taylor, who has been missing for more than 18 months. He’s convinced he sees her in a London dress shop, but the lookalike tells him her name is Tiffany, and she is married to renowned neurosurgeon, Clive Bradford, Earl of Lantham.

Larry is certain Tiffany is really Taylor, and on an impulse, he gives her a ticket and pass to his evening performance at the Royal Albert Hall. His quest to prove he is right is paved with unexpected danger as he follows a trail of passion, lust, betrayal, and revelation.

“Cynthia B. Ainsworthe has done it again! Remember? -- Book number two in the Forbidden Series, and following the IPPY award winning novel, Front Row Center—will take you on a journey fraught with danger, passion, and shocking surprises….” –Trish Jackson, Author & Editor

“…Cynthia is a very gifted storyteller who effortlessly creates well-developed characters and engaging storylines. You are quickly drawn in and kept guessing about what will happen next. If you enjoy a dramatic and intriguing fast-paced love story that you can’t put down, then this is the book for you!”–Alexandria Matthews , Author & Editor


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Reply Alicia Cline
9:22 AM on July 12, 2015 
Thank you for the chance!
Reply Deborah Blanchard
10:35 AM on July 12, 2015 
Thank you for the chance to win a copy of this book to read and review. I loved the interview. We like a lot of the same things! xx
Reply Deborah Blanchard
10:41 AM on July 12, 2015 
A. D., I just got all 3 of your Christmas in July books! Thank you and Happy Christmas in July!!!!
Reply Dianna Slowey-Thomas
3:30 PM on July 12, 2015 
Great interview except choosing winter over summer. Of course I'm a Fl. Girl & the 2 times I saw snow in my 50 yrs.,was plenty for me. Both times I came home and went water skiing! !
Reply Lourie Staib
6:47 PM on July 12, 2015 
Reply Charlene
7:09 AM on July 14, 2015 
Thank you for the chance
Reply [email protected]
3:00 PM on July 15, 2015 
Deborah Blanchard says...
A. D., I just got all 3 of your Christmas in July books! Thank you and Happy Christmas in July!!!!

Reply Cynthia B Ainsworthe
11:35 AM on July 16, 2015 
Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Thank you, AD Ellis for this opportunity to share my writing process and introducing me to your readers.
My very best,
Reply Trish Jackson
12:22 PM on July 16, 2015 
Great interview. I really enjoyed it.