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Meet Maria Gibbs!

Posted by [email protected] on June 17, 2015 at 6:00 AM

The end of school almost killed me and I got overwhelmed so my interviews slowed down a bit. However, it's SUMMER now! Woohoo! 

I want to introduce you to Maria Gibbs! She's visiting today to answer some questions, share her information with us, and do a giveaway to a random commenter (ebook sent to address).

1) Tell us about your most embarrassing moment. (Book related or not)

I’m sure I have more than enough of those but the one that springs to mind is the most recent. I work in a motorcycle training school as an office manager, until recently the students who came to do their CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) courses sat in my office/classroom. I was chatting with some colleagues prior to the class starting. Someone mentioned a previous student who thought the course would only take a few hours, I piped up with “You think that’s bad, I had someone who came in the other day who wanted to book in at 4pm!” Without boring you senseless with work-related information, the course generally lasts for a whole day. The course started; I was sat at my desk tapping away on my laptop. I happened to glance up and noticed one of the students. With a sinking feeling, I realised that he was the guy I had been describing a few minutes ago to my colleagues. It was the only time in my life when I wished that Morton Harket would put a hand out of the screen and pull me into the laptop (For anyone who doesn’t understand that reference- UTUBE Take on Me by A-ha)

2) How would you spend your “perfect day”?

My perfect day would be spent sunbathing on a beach in the Caribbean with a book/Kindle in my hand. A ride on a horse or a jet-ski, maybe a bit of sailing followed by a nice leisurely meal a few glasses of wine and time to write.

3) Be honest, do people you know ever make it into your books?

I don’t think I ever knowingly put anyone I know into my books, but I do sometimes discover a little bit of someone in there. I realised that one male character in my WIP novel was a mix between a guy I used to date years ago and a character out of a book/film from many years ago but it wasn’t intentional.

4) Aside from writing, what are your hobbies?

Obviously writing is up the top of the list. I love listening to music and jogging. I am now the proud owner of a Honda motorbike and enjoy riding that although I suppose at the moment it is used more for commuting. If I had the time, money, etc... it would be horse-riding, jet-skiing and sailing. I used to horse ride every week but life got in the way as it inevitably does and now all three of those pursuits are limited to being a holiday indulgence.

5) What are your bad habits?

Gosh, bad I have any? Maybe too many to list so I will limit myself to two; I am terribly untidy, I don't necessarily like a mess but there always seems to be something better to do than tidy up! The second one I will admit to is that I am one of those annoying people who interrupts you when you speak. I cringe as I am doing it but by then it is too late and the words are out.


6) Lightning round:

a. Paper back or ebook? Paperback is better but ebook more convenient

b. Socks or bare feet? Bare feet

c. Tea or coffee? Coffee

d. Dogs or cats? Dogs

e. Beach or mountains? Beach, but I do love mountains too

f. Butter or margarine? Butter

g. Cash or credit? Credit

h. Gum or mint? Mint

i. Summer or winter? Summer

Find Maria HERE:





Amazon Page:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

As Dreams are Made On

Matty Taylor: a beautiful young woman is starting out in her new life with her husband. Plagued by visions that seem all too real she seeks advice from the Gypsy at the local fair.

Donald Taylor: cannot believe his luck when Matty agrees to marry him. A methodical, down to earth, man who requires irrefutable evidence to believe in the existence of anything.

Thomas Trevelyan: Enigmatic and exciting but with an agenda of his own.

Matty is pulled from her life in the 21st Century into a frightening dream world where Thomas Trevelyan rescues her from a crowd of angry peasants and spirits her off to his secluded house in the woods.

Frightened when he cannot wake Matty from her sleep Donald has to start challenging the way he thinks in order to get her back.

If Thomas can win her heart, he will be a step closer to obtaining the ultimate prize but he has to contend with the echoes of her real life endeavouring to lure her home.

Two men lay claim to her love but who will be the victor in this love triangle.

A Lifetime or a Season


Athena finds herself in the wet and windy South Coast of England as she tries to forget the enigmatic man who ignited her dreams.

Roberto seems determined to hold her at arm’s length but can’t seem to set her free once and for all.

Having lived in the shadows of her self-centred mother, Athena struggles to find her true identity.

A Lifetime or a Season is a journey of personal discovery for Athena as she takes an independent step into the unknown in order to achieve a life-long dream.

Will she find the love that she is searching for with Roberto or will the sacrifice be too much?






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Reply Jenn
9:06 AM on June 17, 2015 
Great interview! The books sound great!
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12:04 PM on June 21, 2015 
She sounds awesome. Loved her comments.
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