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Torey Hope on iBooks

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I'm very excited to announce that ALL of the Torey Hope books are now available on iBooks!" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">CLICK HERE!

For Nicky is permanently FREE!

Because of Beckett is only 99¢

Christmas in Torey Hope is 99¢

Loving Josie (an award winning title in the series!) is $2.99

Decker is $2.99

Sawyer (a male/male romance) is $3.99

Zach (the soon-to-be-released title in Torey Hope: The Later Years) is available for preorder!!

Click" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">HERE to see ALL of the Torey Hope books!


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*~*~*~* HUGE SALE *~*~*~*

A Torey Hope Novel Series by A.D. Ellis

is available in a 4-book box set and is on a

Kindle Countdown Sale from April 16-23!

All four books would regularly cost a total of $10,

but the box set is just $5.99.


The sale has this 4-book set down to JUST 99¢!!

The price will slowly increase back to

$5.99 so GRAB IT NOW!!!

Find A.D. Ellis on Amazon at

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~~**SALE! SALE! SALE!**~~

Loving Josie, A Torey Hope Novel is on a 99¢ SALE April 4-7!

This is a standalone in A Torey Hope Novel Series by A.D. Ellis

with a 4.8 average review.

Don't miss this sale!

Find A.D. Ellis on Amazon at

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Exclusive Teaser from Decker!

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My newsletter subscribers (sign up here!) got the first look at this and now my website visitors get to see the exclusive teaser as well!

This is a fun little excerpt from my upcoming release title Decker, Torey Hope: The Later Years. Decker is scheduled for release on April 11!

Exclusive Sneak Peek!

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Decker Morgan is the main character in my current work in progress. If you've read A Torey Hope Novel Series, you'll remember Decker as one of the twins belonging to Nate and Libby Morgan (his twin, Sawyer, will have a book as well). If you haven't read any of A Torey Hope Novel Series, that's OKAY! You can start with Torey Hope: The Later Years. This 4-book continuation of the series will feature Decker and Sawyer Morgan and their cousins Zach Morgan and Kendrick Jordan.

In this exclusive (unedited and copyrighted) excerpt, Decker is frustrated that his search for an assistant manager isn't going as planned. He's on his last applicant and the call doesn't go as expected.


“Hello, this is Decker Morgan at The Center+. I’m calling for Ms. Katherine Turner in regards to her recent resume and job application.” Decker held the phone away from his ear as he heard an earsplitting blare coming through the line.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry! Hold on please Mr. Morgan! This is Katherine Turner….hang on just a second! Where’s the damn broom?!” A cacophony came through the phone and Decker was tempted to hang up; if this was the way Ms. Turner conducted herself on the phone she was obviously not the one for the job.

“Shut up, damn it! Just shut up!” Her words were barely distinguishable over the shrill alarm-like noise. “There! I’m so sorry, Mr. Morgan. Mr. Morgan? Sir? Are you there? Please accept my apologies. I was helping my grandma bake cookies. I didn’t realize that Grandma had accidentally turned the oven up to 500 and the timer to thirty-one minutes rather than thirteen minutes. Needless to say, our little cookies are now burnt offerings. On the bright side, we know her smoke detectors work.” Katherine Turner spoke in an airy, breathless way that had Decker picturing her in a smoky kitchen, hair askew, with a broomstick to turn off the offending smoke detector.

“Well, Ms. Turner, you’re the first applicant I’ve called who has provided so much entertainment in such a short amount of time. I trust that there’s no danger to you or your grandmother?” Decker really couldn’t explain why he felt the need to continue with this phone interview; the girl obviously wasn’t management material, but he wanted to hear her answers to his questions because she had him feeling something he hadn’t felt in a long time. Intrigued.

Decker's story is coming soon! Add it to your Goodreads TBR now!" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

For Nicky ranks #3!!

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I was super excited to learn that For Nicky, A Torey Hope Novel 1 was voted #3 Top 50 Best Indie Books of 2014 on!

You can grab your own copy and see why readers have fallen in love with Torey Hope at


The Torey Hope Families

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I love the families of Torey Hope! My readers love the Torey Hope families. I decided to make a Torey Hope Novel Series family tree.

Check it out!